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Cloud Ursa

A Strategic ISV Partner: Cloud Ursa provides a Salesforce AppExchange product called RingsTrue. This application is focused on phone number integrity and validation. Any customer who is relying on the phone number field in Salesforce could use this product.

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RingsTrue in a sentence

"RingsTrue is an easy to install Salesforce application that scans through all of the telephone numbers in your database and formats, validates, checks country code, and then actively tests each one using a global telecom partner and displays the results".


  1. Increases the % of calls, either inbound or outbound that connect to your customer (particularly if using CTI)
  2. Frees up time (no more manual data cleansing of telephone numbers)
  3. Increases visibility of bad data (without RingsTrue there is no way to tell how accurate your telephone numbers are)
  4. Very useful if customers are purchases Lead lists and have no way to check how accurate they are
  5. Useful if customers are allowing self-registration via website and need to confirm data capture is accurate

Price points/License Types

 RingsTrue, available on the AppExchange here: https://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N3000000DpUDTEA3

RingsTrue, available on the AppExchange here: https://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N3000000DpUDTEA3

  • 1 license type for RingsTrue administrators
    • option to run once/schedule cleaning of all telephone numbers in the ORG
    • can report on data quality throughout ORG
  • 1 license type for End Users
    • low cost, high volume license
    • allows users to check the phone records on a record in real time
    • instant validation - key use case registration of Leads - ensuring telephone is captured correctly


 Clear visibility on reach record on data accuracy

Clear visibility on reach record on data accuracy

Clear Visibility

RingsTrue labels each record with a clear status indicating the current state of the phone fields. A record can have 'no entered numbers, partially verified numbers, and all numbers verified'

 Batch and Real Time Functions

Batch and Real Time Functions

real time and Batch modes

Administrators can schedule RingsTrue to run automatically, at a frequency that suits their business. End users can check individual records in real-time.

 Powerful reporting capabilities

Powerful reporting capabilities

Powerful Reporting

RingsTrue logs each change made to the record so that customers can track their data accuracy over time and monitor their fields closely. Ensure that your Top Accounts / Hot Leads / Strategic customer data is complete to maximise your customer service experience.

Demonstrating RingsTrue

RingsTrue has the 'Test Drive' feature enabled for any customers that wish to see it in action before installing into their Sandbox.

The app can also be installed straight into a Sandbox for testing without committing to a license purchase.

Batch versus Real Time demonstration

I would recommend leading with the Real Time validation function within RingsTrue. You can certainly schedule a clean of the customer's Sandbox data but if it is a full copy, then the results will take a few minutes to be generated.

Full installation instructions are available here.


RingsTrue is a new app but feedback from the first group of customers has been very strong.


Having good quality data is the critical foundation of all sales and service activities.
— David Cameron
 A selection of AppExchange reviews

A selection of AppExchange reviews

This App is the missing link between phone numbers stored in Salesforce
— Prakash Kumar