Why make RingsTrue?

How often is the data in your CRM changing?

We occasionally get asked why we developed RingsTrue.

For me, this quote from Dunn & Bradstreet really sums up the challenge of keeping an ever changing data set both relevant and accurate. It is a few years old now and I wouldn't be surprised if many organisations actually change more records per minute.

Telephone numbers are a key piece of information that businesses hold about their customers, and even more crucially it needs to be actionable data, i.e. data that you can actually use to contact the customer.

Managing bad data at the very highest level could really be boiled down to:

  • Prevention (stop bad data coming into the database) or
  • Cure (tidying up bad data already stored).

For prevention, you can do a lot to ensure that telephone numbers match the correct format using a variety of rules, workflows, or regular expressions in Salesforce. However, what inspired us to develop RingsTrue as a potential Cure was essentially the question:

How do you really know that you customer’s phone number is correct?
— RingsTrue design question

You could wait until you have to call that really important customer to make that sale, deal with that issue, or chase that renewal.

However, with RingsTrue running in the background you know that the number is correctly formatted and is in service before you even lift the receiver...

 Dunn & Bradstreet report on CRM activity

Dunn & Bradstreet report on CRM activity