How Relevant CTI Can Be

We love CTI!

We work on a lot of Computer Telephony Integration projects here at Cloud Ursa.

Very often, we will get involved on a project once a customer has selected a CTI vendor such as NewVoiceMedia, NatterBox, of Five9 and advise them on the best way to implement the solution.

We are often involved in 'tune up' type projects where we visit customers a year or so after their first deployment of CTI and then we get involved in embedding the solution further into their business. For example, once they have linked their phone system to Salesforce, many customers may then consider linking online chat, or perhaps twitter into their Salesforce system as well. This eventually gives your customer contact centre a true 'Omnichannel' experience.

I thought this article was interesting as it delves into the history of CTI and I hadn't quite appreciated that the original PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) was a form of CTI. Voicemails as well, which are so common now, were a new invention a few years ago.

So, if you feel like a trip down CTI memory lane check out the full article here: