Good phone data equals good productivity

A recent article on the Tenfold website caught my eye with the headline "Should There Be A Trade-off Between Good Data and Productivity?".

Data input, crunching numbers, reporting and the like are deemed as secondary tasks that only keep sales reps from doing their actual jobs, which is to sell.
— Tenfold

The article illustrated some of the problems that occur in a business environment where users are encouraged to keep a system 'clean', as in populated with useful data (which is useful for management), whilst also being tasked to be as productive as possible.

The article summarised that these 2 (sometimes opposing) business perspectives can lead to:

  1. Micromangement
  2. Lack of clear reporting
Many believe their reps to spend only up to a third of their time doing actual sales
— Docurated, cited on Tenfold

It doesn't have to be this way

One of the initial reasons we developed RingsTrue was to help address these kinds of collisions.

We built RingsTrue with the belief that by taking out telephony validation, it can give time back to business users, whilst also giving management the data and analytics needed automatically, without taking any time out of the day for the end users.

We are still crunching the numbers, but we've timed end users using RingsTrue and found that having a telephone number pre-formatted and pre-checked saves a good 15 to 25 seconds per call (just imagine trying to Google the county code for Sao Paulo and then changing a number in Salesforce before making that outbound call.

What would that extra 25 seconds per telephone call help deliver to  your business in terms of increased productivity? 


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