Mason Frank Salary Survey Results

Mason Frank have recently revealed the results of their latest Salesforce survey results.

I've pulled out a few key points from their findings below but their full report is well worth a read through. The questionnaire has now been running a few years, so it's really interesting to see how the year on year trends develop.


  • US-based Salesforce Developer can earn 78% more than their UK counterpart and 71% more than a German Salesforce Developer of the same level of experience.  
  • 44% of female respondents believe men are rewarded a comparatively greater salary than women.
  • A third of respondents plan to leave their current employer within 12 months.
  • Salesforce Developers earn almost 20% more than the average UK tech worker
  • Two-thirds of Salesforce professionals don’t believe they need a degree in their career.

Salaries and benefits

The Salesforce job market is growing at speed. Latest predictions revealed an anticipated 3.3 million jobs across the Salesforce industry by 2022.  Salaries are increasing in line with demand, according to this year’s report revealed.

The US was voted the most desirable destination for work relocation, followed by the UK, Australia, Canada, and Germany. The top reasons named for moving to another country for work are salary, culture and moving for family and friends.

Respondents also reported a number of fringe benefits, ranging from a company laptop to health insurance, and the ability to work from home.

Other benefits include flexible working hours, life insurance and a gym membership.

For further information download the full report for free on the Mason Frank website