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Data that is loved tends to survive
— Kurt Bollacker, Computer scientist

I've been talking to customers about RingsTrue for about 6 months now and I just wanted to share one thing that has really stood out for me during many of those conversations.

Poor telephone quality is something that affects all users of Salesforce but it is often a 'hidden' issue.

One recent customer found that only 1/3 of their stored telephone numbers were correctly formatted and/or in service.

That meant that the majority of the time, users were having to edit/amend/lookup an alternative number, or, were just not calling that customer at all. 

Spreading the message

Many of our customers find that RingsTrue answers an issue they weren't even overly aware of and we've been thinking of ways to help more customers assess their database quality before committing to buying the app.

5 Day Trial

Today we're delighted to announce that RingsTrue now comes with a fully functioning, no limits, 5 day trial. 

We're announcing this, along with several other reasons to consider RingsTrue via a new advertising campaign created by Mark Alsop at IPerceptionDesign - thanks Mark! 

If you want to see how good your phone data is, why not try RingsTrue today?

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