RingsTrue gets Lightning Ready

RingsTrue + Lightning

Salesforce has invested heavily into its new interface and design system called Lightning and as a result of that work they have been encouraging all App Vendors to test their app against their new Lightning standard in order to be displayed as 'Lightning Ready'. 

With so many apps on the AppExchange to review we wanted to ensure that RingsTrue was as close to the front of the queue for review. The technical team here at Cloud Ursa worked long days and nights to review all of the app's code and submit our case to Salesforce.

It was nail-biting waiting for Salesforce to verify that RingsTure would be fully compatible with Lightning but we just heard today that it does!

This verification entitles us to display the Lightning Ready logo on our app but more importantly we hope that this will give any of our customers considering switching over to Lightning that RingsTrue will work just as well in the new interface.

 New Lightning Ready logo appearing

New Lightning Ready logo appearing