Giving Back

The business of doing business is to improve the state of the world
— Marc Benioff,

One of the things we like most about is their approach to corporate social responsibility.

When Marc Benioff first set up Salesforce, he cemented corporate social responsibility right into the fabric of the company by stating that:

  • 1% of its product,
  • 1% of its equity, and
  • 1% of employee time

would be dedicated to community efforts.

As Salesforce has grown, this investment in the community has grown with it, now equating to 1,000s of employee volunteering hours and donations in the millions. Non profit organisations also benefit from free licenses and discounts on a range of training programmes and 3rd party applications.

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The Salesforce '1% Model' has now been adopted by a number of other companies including Yelp and Atlassian and Cloud Ursa will also be joining this illustrious group of companies.

RingsTrue will offer a discount for any registered non profit organisation to license the software and our team are currently scouring the internet looking for suitable volunteering opportunities over the next 12 months.

If you are a non profit who is interested in using RingsTrue to validate your telephone records in Salesforce please contact us.

Learn more

You can learn more about the Salesforce foundation and the 1% model from the link below:

 Cloud Ursa pledging to join the 1-1-1 philanthropy model

Cloud Ursa pledging to join the 1-1-1 philanthropy model